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Scotland Excel

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A responsible and sustainable supply chain tackles social, environmental and economic challenges through what you buy, and how you buy it. Integrating sustainability into sourcing policies, procurement processes, and supplier management is not only an effective way to manage risk, it can also open up opportunities for innovation, ethical products and supplier development through the supply chain. 

The Need to Know
There will be up to two awards in this category (large organisation and SME/micro). This award recognises businesses that are leading transformation, innovation and impact in their supply chains to help shape a more sustainable business model. This may include working with smaller suppliers in partnership or alongside a supported business. 

The Requirements
Your entry must demonstrate your company’s commitment and approach to developing and managing a responsible and sustainable supply chain, providing specific examples of how this has been achieved and/or benefits realised. It should refer to an approach carried out on a Scotland Excel framework/contract which has achieved measurable benefits for one or more of its local authority members/associate members. 

Our judges are looking for innovative practices which have been carried out on a qualifying framework.

The Key Words: you might want to incorporate some of these key words in your entry if appropriate.
Responsibility, sustainable, challenges, social, environmental, economic, integration, sourcing, supplier management, risk, reward, innovation, ethical, supply chain, transformative, partnership.

The Entry

  1. Please provide a brief description of your organisation. (100 words max)
  2. Please provide a brief synopsis of your entry. (100 words max)
  3. Please describe the aims and objectives of your initiative. (250 words max)
  4. Explain your approach to developing and implementing your initiative. (300 words max)
  5. Provide a summary of lessons learned from the development and implementation of your initiative. (250 words max)
  6. Provide details of the outcomes achieved versus target and explain the method of measurement employed. (500 words max)
  7. Please provide contact details of a referee (relevant local authority member/associate member) who can corroborate your submission in the event of your entry being shortlisted.

Entries are now closed and we thank all suppliers for their interest.

The Outcome
Shortlisted entries will be progressed by the judging panel and announced in December.

The Small Print
Entry is open to suppliers that have been awarded a place on a Scotland Excel framework which is live at 01 September 2017.  The entry must relate to the supply of goods or services to Scotland Excel members under that framework between 01 September 2016 and that 31 August 2017. 

All submissions must be based on work directly related to a Scotland Excel framework, i.e. innovative work for a customer that is not serviced by Scotland Excel will not be considered for an award.  Any supplier which has been removed or has withdrawn from a qualifying framework will not be considered for an award.

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