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Scotland Excel

Contract Register - Customer Service Platform

Contract Number: 0415
Contract Category: Corporate
Contract Team: ICT
Procurement Lead: Iain Calder
Contract Type: Framework Agreement
Start Date: 01 Jun 2016
End Date: 31 May 2019
Extension Period Option: 12 months
Extension Date: 31 May 2020
Estimated Value (excl VAT): £15,000,000
Date of Award: 01 Jun 2016


The framework will provide councils with an effective way to purchase a Customer Service Platform in either a Hosted or On-Premises model. The framework lets councils buy ‘off the shelf’ packages that: log, process and respond to customer requests; allow customers to ‘self serve’ through an online portal; include effective reporting tools; and share information to cut duplication.

The framework has been designed to support councils in their Customer Service, Digital and wider IT strategies, providing significant benefits to the way they support vital services and communicate with customers in their local area.

Main Users:

Users may include Customer Service managers and IT managers, as well as any transformation or digital change managers.

Lot Structure:

Lot 1: Hosted solutions
Lot 2: On-Premises solutions


Along with the favourable market rates, there are several other benefits, which will provide the councils with efficiencies and cost savings. These include:

  • Rationalisation of and reduction in IT systems used within councils, reducing maintenance and service costs
  • Improved interoperability with existing council systems
  • Reduction in number of servers if Lot 1 (Hosted solutions) is used
  • Reduction in rekeying between different systems leading to more efficient use of staff members’ time
  • Improved knowledge sharing including sharing processes and forms across councils to ensure best practice is communicated across the local authority community
  • Mobile application modules and social media modules to support the mobile working and channel shift agenda respectively
  • Discounting methodology to support the uptake of the framework by councils

The framework also gives the opportunity to reduce costs for integrations and/or system developments by ensuring that, if these are paid for by one council using the framework, they are made available for all councils free of charge. This has been included within the terms and conditions of the framework and provides councils with the opportunity to share development costs as well as reduce the overall costs associated with integrations.

Contact Information:

Framework Owner: Iain Calder
Telephone: 07980926591 

Civica Uk Limited
Firmstep Limited
Netcall Telecom Limited
Verint Systems UK Ltd