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Contract Register - Asbestos

Contract Number: 1114
Contract Category: Construction
Contract Team: Construction and Maintenance
Procurement Lead: Stephanie Irvine
Contract Type: Framework Agreement
Start Date: 01 Apr 2015
End Date: 31 Jan 2019
Extension Period Option: 24 months
Extension Date: 31 Mar 2019
Estimated Value (excl VAT): £32,000,000
Date of Award: 06 Mar 2015


This framework provides councils with a mechanism to procure asbestos related services to ensure their housing and commercial properties are kept up to date in terms of asbestos surveys, removal & disposal and analytical services. The framework is supported, where appropriate, by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditation and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) licenses.

Main users:

A number of council departments are likely to use the framework including construction and property services across domestic and non-domestic properties.

Lot Structure:

Lot 1 – Surveys
Lot 2 – Removal and Disposal
Lot 3 – Analytical Services


Based on the benchmarking, estimated savings ranging from 0.6% to 28.4% are achievable. The overall estimated savings are approximately £907k (12.7%) per annum across the participating councils, based on current spend forecast.

These forecast savings are in addition to the enhanced specification adopted that ensures an increased volume of sampling from 3 to 10 samples For lot 2, pricing allows for both removal and disposal, wheras previous generations only requires the removal.

Price Stability
From the 24 recommended suppliers 20 of them have fixed their prices for 24 months, with one supplier fixing their pricing for 18 months and the remaining three fixed for 12 months.

As asbestos products are hazardous waste and need to be disposed in specialist landfills, the suppliers on the framework are only able to direct minimal waste from landfill. However, successful suppliers have demonstrated their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Initiatives that will be pursued include producing asbestos survey reports electronically, the use of Euro 5 and 6 emission standard vehicles and online work schedules to reduce visits to the office. Many suppliers have also detailed their commitment to reuse, recycle and reduce waste.

Successful suppliers have also offered a range of supplementary benefits including:

  • Free asbestos consultancy advice to support councils with asbestos related issues 
  • Assistance with establishing project specific technical specifications 
  • Asbestos removal trained operatives to carry out specific jobs were councils need both asbestos removal and electrical/plumbing works carried out

Giving councils access to their asbestos management databases, where they keep records of properties that have had surveys and or removal works done

Contact Information:

Framework Owner: Stephanie Irvine 
Telephone: 0141 618 4234