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Scotland Excel

Contract Register - Asbestos related Works and Services

Contract Number: 2418
Contract Category: Construction
Contract Team: Construction and Maintenance
Procurement Lead: Kelly Nugent
Contract Type: Framework Agreement
Start Date: 01 Jul 2019
End Date: 30 Jun 2021
Extension Period Option: 24 months
Extension Date: 30 Jun 2023
Estimated Value (excl VAT): £48,000,000
Date of Award: 12 Aug 2019


Start date is 1 July 2019 until 30 June 2021 with the option to extend for up to a further two 12 month periods to 30 June 2023 (The Framework effective date is 12/08/2019)

This framework is the renewal (3rd generation) framework for Asbestos related Works and Services.

The framework will enable members to procure asbestos related services to ensure housing stock and other buildings are kept up to date in terms of asbestos surveys, removal and testing.

Lot Structure:

Lot 1 – Asbestos surveys

Lot 2 – Asbestos removal and disposal

Lot 3 – Asbestos analytical services

Contact Information:

Framework Owner: Kelly Nugent

A&c Asbestos Consultants Inc Ltd
Acron Asbestos Ltd
Asbestos Analytical Services
Asbestos Building Surveys Limited
Asbestos Specialists (uk) Ltd
Aspect Contracts Limited
Carymar Construction Services Limited
Challen Commercial Investigations Ltd t/a Ensafe Consultants
Chamic Industrial Services Limited
Clarkes Environmental Ltd
Clyde Environmental Limited
Damada Asbestos Removals Ltd T/a Damada Group
Dnka Ltd
E.d.p. Health, Safety And Environment Consultants Limited
Element Materials Technology Environmental Uk Limited
Enviraz (Scotland) Ltd
Enviraz (Surveys) Ltd
Environmental Essentials Ltd
Environtec Limited
Erith Contractors Limited
Franks Portlock Consulting Ltd
Gowrie Contracts (scotland) Ltd
Greenair Environmental Limited
Henderson Environmental Services Limited
HSL Inspection and Testing Ltd
Intona Limited
Life Environmental
Lucion Environmental Limited
Mds Environmental Services Ltd
Northern Asbestos Services Ltd
Not One Iota Ltd
Omega Asbestos Consulting Ltd
Pcs Asbestos Consultants Ltd
Rhodar Ltd
Socotec Asbestos Limited
Specialist Building & Asbestos Services Limited
Strada Environmental Limited
Vega Environmental Consultants Limited
William Munro Construction (highland) Ltd
Wood Group Industrial Services Limited
Wsp Uk Limited