Scotland Excel


Our extensive transport, roads and environment portfolio includes frameworks for bitumen, roadstone, tyres, vehicles, signage, organic waste, recycling and waste disposal equipment, and salt for winter maintenance.

With wide stakeholder engagement, we're able to offer councils a national approach, a sharing of best practice and a mitigation of risks. Our market information and knowledge is built and presented on a higher level than ever before and our frameworks include rebates offered based on collective national spend. 

The success of these frameworks can be measured by more than their considerable cost savings for councils and associate members. They also provide significant efficiencies to councils in the delivery of key services and support a range of social, economic and environmental benefits for communities.  

Our street lighting materials framework is helping Glasgow City Council replace 10,000 old lights on its roads with new, long lasting energy efficient LED (light emitting diode) lamps in a £6.3m deal.

The council expects the replacement programme to pay for itself through a combination of energy and maintenance savings. LED lamps use around 50% less energy, have a longer life span and are expected to reduce the council's emissions by 52,329 over 20 years.

Our four year, salt for winter maintenance framework is worth a total of £61.5m with an estimated spend of £14.4m annually depending on the severity of each winter. Over 200,000 tonnes of salt - enough to create a 910 foot mountain – have been purchased, mostly over the summer months when it is cheaper to transport, and stored locally by Scotland’s 32 local authorities. 

Business generated by being an approved supplier on a Scotland Excel framework allows firms to grow, generating new jobs and apprenticeships.  Redpath tyres, a SME based in Duns, for example, created two new apprenticeships as part of the community benefits clause in the Scotland Excel’s tyre framework