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25 Aug 2017

Improving feedback on our suppliers

Scotland Excel migrate to using the BravoSolutions PCS-Tender system

BravoSolutions PCS-Tender system

Understanding the performance of suppliers, as a framework progresses and when it is being renewed, is vital to Scotland Excel. We ask framework users on a regular basis to rate suppliers and this informs our discussions with suppliers and providers during our regular meetings with them. By taking the time to highlight issues or areas of good practice, Scotland Excel can work with the supplier to remedy the issues or celebrate and share their successes respectively.

Scotland Excel is pleased to announce that we will migrate to using the BravoSolutions PCS-Tender system - to generate, review and share our Contract and Supplier Management information from September 2017.

This system will allow Scotland Excel to get feedback from customers and suppliers in a regular and more straightforward manner, reducing time spent on the process for all parties and improving the availability of information. In addition, it allows Scotland Excel to more readily measure and provide consistent reporting of supplier performance across the entire portfolio on four key metrics - Cost, Quality, Service and Sustainability.

We will be contacting customers and suppliers directly with further details and timescales shortly.