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08 Sep 2017

Children’s Residential Care and Education Services

Feedback on Consultation Exercise

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Scotland Excel has an established National Framework for Children’s Residential Care and Education Services (including short breaks), which it developed and manages on behalf of Scottish local authorities. The framework is designed to provide high quality placements for children and young people who require residential care, care and education, education and short breaks and who may have a range of complex and challenging support needs.

The current arrangement is due to expire in March 2018. Scotland Excel is re-tendering this framework, with an anticipated commencement date of April 2018.

Over the last few months, we sought views from interested parties on matters including the specifications and framework operations and the terms and conditions for the planned replacement framework. The output from these consultation exercises has been used to guide the development of the renewal documents and can be viewed using the links below.

Feedback on Consultation Exercise - Service Specifications (PDF, 334KB)

Feedback on Consultation Exercise - Terms (PDF, 319KB)