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07 Feb 2018

Scotland Excel Supported Business Event

Scotland Excel forges links between local authorities and supported businesses

Supported Business

On 8 February, Scotland Excel will bring together representatives from supported businesses and council procurement and economic development teams to identify opportunities for joint working.

Delegates will hear from several speakers including Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy, as well as taking the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Stephen Brannagan, Scotland Excel’s Head of Customer and Business Services, said: “Supported Businesses are vital to the Scottish economy.

“They provide essential job opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged people within our communities which enable them to become more independent, while also delivering a range of excellent goods and services.

“We are always looking for appropriate ways to include supported businesses in our frameworks – as highlighted by the supply chain opportunities incorporated into our award-winning Domestic Furniture and Furnishings framework.

“We’re keen to continue to play a key role in highlighting this important issue, and our supported business event aims to build relationships which will benefit communities across Scotland.”

The event will take place in the Teacher Building, Glasgow.