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02 Mar 2018

Scotland Excel engages with European partners on food procurement

Scotland Excel’s Lynsey Gordon attends a focus group in Milan


After sharing her expertise in food procurement at last year’s Eating City Summer Campus, Scotland Excel’s Lynsey Gordon was recently invited to participate in the first Eating City Public Food Service focus group in Milan.

Lynsey manages our portfolio of food contracts including Groceries and Provisions, Meats (Fresh, Prepared and Cooked), Milk and Frozen Foods which provide councils with a mechanism to procure a range of products – with more focus over the last few years on sustainable and local products where possible.

The focus group purpose is to rethink food procurement in order to create a new business model and procurement guideline for public food service that fits with food goals of implementing sustainable and healthy menus in schools and other public services across Europe.

The group was also introduced to the Italian network FoodInsider, a new partner of Eating City whose mission is to improve the quality of the food offered in schools.