Scotland Excel

04 Jul 2018

Four projects selected for the Scotland Excel Demand Management Challenge

Local authorities will work together to offer solutions to long-standing procurement issues

Demand Management

Demand management is the discipline of planning and forecasting demand for products and services. Good demand management can deliver financial savings and operational efficiency by enabling organisations to understand the rationale behind their purchases.

Scotland Excel launched its Demand Management Challenge earlier this year, asking local authorities to nominate projects representing real-life demand management issues that have been difficult to address.

A panel of judges evaluated 11 high quality nominations from across the country, and four projects were chosen to be part of the challenge.

The demand management projects selected are:

Alarms and man guarding - Glasgow City Council nominated alarms and man guarding to see how technological advances and innovations could realise efficiencies. They aim to deliver more cost effective contracts by better understanding these and other demand complexities.

Care at home services – Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership highlighted a number of different challenges which stretch already limited resource.  This is an issue common to many Health and Social Care partnerships.

Pupil Equity Fund (PEF) - North Ayrshire Council wants to demonstrate to key stakeholders that schools could achieve more for pupils impacted by poverty with a greater understanding of demand management influences and better collaborative working.

Social care goods and equipment - Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership are looking to reduce costs associated with stock holding, overordering and physical record storage. Finding the right system and processes could generate savings that can be better used for individual's requirements.

Local authorities will work together to generate tools, resources and tangible solutions to the problems. It is envisaged that these, and the learnings from each project, can be implemented within the wider procurement community to help solve similar demand related challenges.