Scotland Excel

18 Dec 2018

Early Learning and Childcare

Scotland Excel to deliver guidance and templates to support the expansion of early learning and childcare

Young child playing

The Scottish Government has committed to increasing the hours of free early learning and childcare (ELC) entitlement from 600 to 1140 hours by August 2020.  Scotland Excel has been commissioned by the Scottish Government to develop guidance and templates to help local authorities and providers prepare for the expansion of services.

The guidance will support implementation of the new Funding Follows the Child approach and provide clarity around how to meet aspects of the new National Standard which all funded providers will be expected to meet from 2020.

Scotland Excel held focus groups in September and October 2018 to engage with relevant stakeholders and get input for the initial direction of the guidance. The focus groups were held with local authorities, national provider representative bodies and providers.

After concluding the focus groups, a survey was issued to local authorities, a number of providers and provider representative bodies asking for initial feedback.  The survey was based on discussions at the focus groups and was tailored for this audience.

The findings of this survey are now available to download.

Scotland Excel acknowledges that an initial survey in a format which supported participation by those that had not attended the focus groups, would have been beneficial.

Therefore, to ensure transparency and gather comprehensive feedback from councils, providers and other stakeholders, we will consult in a more user-friendly format on the draft guidance in early 2019.  Our approach will be based on feedback on the most appropriate way to engage and communicate with the ELC sector.

Further updates will be published in the news section of the Scotland Excel website as the project progresses.