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Scotland Excel

Scotland Excel was established on 1 April 2008 as the Centre of Procurement Expertise for the local government sector. We are a non-profit shared service organisation funded by Scotland’s 32 local authorities.

In this time, we have built a portfolio of over 60 collaborative contracts with an annual value of £1bn. Our contracts are designed to deliver best value for local authorities and provide social, economic and environmental benefits for their communities.

Few organisations can match the scope and scale of our procurement activities. Our contracts are used by a wide range of council service teams to support the delivery of social care, education, construction, waste, roads, transport, food and facilities services.

Our focus now is to extend our influence, strengthen relationships, and deliver further benefits to our members. Over the coming year, we expect to increase the value of our contract portfolio through the development of new contracts for care home services for older people, care at home, and supported living. Additionally, our new build housing contract will help councils and housing associations find the best suppliers to provide construction services to build affordable housing projects across the country.

Scotland Excel also delivers a range of consultancy and other services which help local authorities improve their procurement capability. Our learning and development programme offers blended learning models via "The Academy" covering a number of areas including: procurement, leadership, management, project management and commercial learning.

Visit our corporate website for more information on Scotland Excel.